Holy Macaroni, Batman! Vulcan does it again!

Image of Macaroni and Cheese Vulcan GMS

Vulcan GMS is a Milwaukee-based company with more than 35 years of roots in our community. Vulcan has always given back to our community and, in recent years, we have teamed up with the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee to help feed local families in need. In 2013, Vulcan GMS made a donation of 3,200 pounds of food to the Milwaukee Hunger Task Force.

When Vulcan approached the Hunger Task Force about their needs, we were told that they could really use macaroni and cheese this year; 3,500 boxes to be exact. When Vulcan heard about this need, we took it upon ourselves as a challenge to make it happen. The Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee wanted to have these donations for the Thanksgiving holiday season which meant that Vulcan had three weeks to complete the challenge.

Vulcan turned this food drive into a company challenge by offering vacation days to employees as an award for donations. During the three-week challenge, updates went out to all employees about which departments had supplied to the drive. Through this approach, we created a friendly competition.

At the end of the food drive, Vulcan GMS was extremely proud to present the Hunger Task Force with a donation of more than 7,000 boxes of macaroni and cheese (more than twice the need!) by the deadline date. This is yet another example of why Vulcan GMS is a special place to work and our employees truly make a difference.

The photo above shows less than half of the total macaroni and cheese that Vulcan donated to the Hunger Task Force. The amount shown was enough to unpack and repack for the photo. The photo shows Vulcan employees Ricardo Rodriguez with 8 years of service, Steve Gamel with 36 years of service, Hector Rivera with 7 years of service, Richard Moreno with 7 years of service and Matt Macur with 15 years of experience.

If you would like to help out the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee, please visit their donations page.


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