Have you ever thought about trying luge?

Image of LugeSo where in the world do these luge “experts” come from anyway? Luge is not exactly like baseball or football at the local high school. So how does someone get into the sport?

The answer is simple: You try it. USA Luge has several events coming up this winter season and anyone of the proper age and with a little training can try their best from basic slides to some with more complex turning and maneuvering. Take a look at the list of events for this season.

No snow? No problem

Image of Sliding on WheelsSo what happens if you are in part of the country that does not get snow or if it is summer time? You can still try it. How do you try luge without snow? Take a look at the USA Luge Slider Search page on the website. USA Luge will be holding several events in 2015 where wheels will be added to sleds and custom tracks will be set up to test your abilities. With a little training and coaching, people are able to try the sport and figure out how to handle a sled. Would you believe that some of the best USA sliders began on sleds with wheels?

Sliding doubles depends on nonverbal communication

Once you have hit the test hills and you think you are qualified for the fastest sport on ice (which by the way can hit speeds of up to 95 mph and where you are being timed to the thousands of a second), it’s time to share one more fact.

If you are sliding doubles, the smaller person is on top and can see but cannot steer the sled. The larger person is on the bottom and can steer but cannot see. So when you are ready to pull upwards of 5 g’s in the turns and up to 95 mph on the straightaway, remember to maintain the most aerodynamic position in your custom-made aerodynamic suit. You have to rely on nonverbal communication as a team to make it to the end one thousands of a second faster than the competition.

Don’t blink or you may miss it

Whether you think you have what it takes to be a slider or just want to follow the sport, you cannot go wrong. Luge would seem like a simple sport – like kids sliding on a local sledding hill; but there is so much more involved. From the visualizing of the track to picking the path to the strength to hold 5 g’s in a turn without getting off that path, the goal is always to get to the track’s end as fast as possible.

USA Luge is the fastest sport on ice and the more your learn about it, the more amazed you will be. Follow USA Luge  and find USA Luge on the track. But don’t blink or you could miss the fastest sport on ice!

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