Vulcan GMS’s New President Dan Croal Outlines Goals for Company’s Future

As Dan Croal began his role as president of Vulcan Global Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (GMS) in October 2020, he was already aware of the company’s strong history in radiation shielding solutions and lead manufacturing. He brought with him a clear vision of bridging Vulcan GMS’s outstanding past performance to an even more prosperous future. Step one was putting into action a variety of ideas to build on decades of strength and success.

“Vulcan GMS is a great company with great people,” he said. “We have a good group of core employees who have been here for a while, and we continue to build on that by adding newer individuals with fresh ideas and energy. I have been focused on leveraging the strengths of these two groups to improve customer support and maximize opportunities.”

Joining the family-owned and operated business was in many ways a natural fit for Croal. “I have a background in many of the same processes—the foundry, machine shop, assembly—but I have never (worked) with lead before so that has been very interesting,” he said.

Croal has worked extensively in operations, sales and engineering management with Dynatect Manufacturing, IVEC Systems and most recently Helgesen Industries. He has held various positions with those companies including director of operations, vice president of operations, chief operating officer and president.


A team strong in radiation shielding solutions and lead manufacturing

As president of Vulcan GMS, Croal has readily embraced new opportunities to enhance operations. He has clear goals as he develops a plan to support company initiatives and target areas where there is room to grow. “Our immediate focus is on the customer. Establishing a strong level of trust with our customers is a top priority,” Croal said. “We will continue to make advancements with execution, on-time shipping and responsive communication.”

In this time of COVID-19, the new president recognizes he needs to take creative approaches to keep his team of 120 employees strong and cohesive.

“Many organizations are struggling to maintain communication and a positive culture in these times. It’s a little easier to create that kind of environment when you can sit next to each other, face to face,” he noted. “But we have good tools and systems in place to help maintain and build on the feeling of the Vulcan GMS family.”

Croal looks forward to connecting with his team members and bringing everyone together as he sees only bigger and better things for the company.

“Vulcan GMS has been very successful, and we are going to continue that by making sure everyone is moving in the same direction,” Croal said. “We look to meld together as one team with clarity about where we’re going, what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it.”

Croal received both his bachelor’s degree in engineering and master’s degree in business administration from Marquette University. He and his wife, Julia, have three adult children and two grandchildren, and they enjoy spending time as a family. Croal also loves sports, including golf, cycling and basketball, especially cheering on his alma mater: the Marquette Warriors/Golden Eagles.


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