Image of 250mc 3D printerPrototyping is a key piece of the product development phase which is sometimes passed over in the process. Vulcan GMS can help you with your design and the engineering aspect; but we also can convert your product into a prototype for test and review.

3D Printing

Vulcan GMS has a Fortus 250 3D printer capable of producing prototypes in ABS plastic in a few color options. This machine runs directly from a 3D model to print up the part using plastic fiber that is melted layer by layer, which why this process is called 3D printing.

Through the use of our 3D printer, we can make 3D prototypes but we are also able to print other tools such as

  • Go-No-Go gauges
  • Alignment tools
  • Fixtures
  • Assembly tools
  • Molds

You do not have to be a current customer or have a specific product which Vulcan GMS would later produce. We contract our 3D printer time for anyone that has a need to make 3D products. Please contact Vulcan to discuss rates for your 3D printing needs.

Prototyping in Metal

After the 3D plastic prototype process, a real functional prototype is typically needed and we can help you with that as well. Vulcan has many processes that we can offer to create your prototype including machining, casting and many others. In some of our metal offerings, we are able to produce cast blocks using standard tools that allow us to machine directly from block we produce. This gives us the flexibility to make what is needed and respond quickly. Contact us to discuss your application.