Vulcan GMS is able to provide materials laminated for your unique applications. Our laminated products can be supplied up to 42″ wide in many different types of materials and laminations. Our lamination process is specialized to low-run applications. Typically laminators run thousands of feet for any setup, but Vulcan GMS can effectively run your smaller run needs in lead and many other materials.

Laminated Lead Products

Vulcan can provide lead foils and lead sheet laminated with many types of vinyl and adhesive backings (PSA). The adhesive allows our customers to literally peel and stick the lead / shielding applications. The vinyl can be applied to cover the lead in applications where coated lead sheet is preferred.

In addition since Vulcan GMS is a full service provider of lead products, we can also recycle the webbing we create if we provide finished die cut parts. Most companies that provide laminating or die cutting services are not set up to handle lead. When Vulcan produces finished die cut parts with lamination, we can recycle the excess material and our customers do not have to pay for premiums like other companies may charge since we can offer the full service of manufacturing and reclaim of the webbing in-house.

Image of lamination

Other Laminated Products

Vulcan GMS can also offer other laminating services for our customers.  We can supply lamination of aluminum, sheet metals, tin, copper, rubbers, and many others.  Thru this process we can apply adhesive backing allowing you to apply these products where they are needed in the final application.

Secondary Processes

  • Die Cutting
  • Stamping
  • Assembly & Fabricating

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