Balance Weights & Counter Weights

Image of Aerospace Counter WeightsVulcan GMS handles very dense metals such as lead, tungsten, molybdenum, tin, bismuth, brass and steel. Their density make these metals excellent weights in any application.

Balance & counter weight applications

  • Helicopter blades
  • Airplane weights
  • Medical counter weights
  • Fork truck counter weight
  • Bridge weights
  • Industrial counter weights
  • Equipment counter weights
  • Buoy & Sonar weights
  • Elevator Weights

Metal Densities

Tungsten 19.6 g/cc
Lead 11.34 g/cc
Molybdenum 10.19 g/cc
Bismuth 9.75 g/cc
Brass 8.52 g/cc
Tin 7.28 g/cc
Steel 7.85 g/cc


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