OEM Equipment Shielding

Vulcan GMS is a custom manufacturing company with a long history of providing shielding and collimation products into equipment such as: x-ray machines, CT Scanners, Gamma Cameras, PET Scanners, Linear Accelerators, Flat Panel X-Ray detectors, nuclear detection equipment and much more.  We are a single source solution for all your manufacturing requirements.

With the addition of Vulcan Fabrication and Vulcan Machining, we are your go-to source for turnkey manufacturing and assembly.  Although our history is in shielding product, we are proud to offer so much more to our customers today.  Many of the items we offer are machined product or fabricated sheet metal components and assemblies without shielding.  When you need custom sheet metal, machining or assembly, let Vulcan GMS be the source to simplify your supply chain needs. Contact us today!

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