+/- 5 Degrees Approach

In today’s world, you have to adapt and change. If you look at your core competency too long, that’s all you see. We are committed to our people, our customers and, most importantly, to positioning the future of the organization. This is why they created our +/- 5 Degrees Approach.

Strategy and analysis drive our processes, programs, markets, opportunities, new ideas and growth. When we look at our core capabilities today, we focus within +/-5 Degrees of our target to look for new opportunities. In doing so, we will remain open to growing in new ways and improving our business at every level. Instead of a shotgun approach to business, we are always looking down the scope of reason and building plans around our growth. We focus on individual opportunities and customer opportunities. We look at things that may be out of our comfort zone — analyzing them in such a way that we can justify a new department, new people or a new acquisition. When we do this correctly, they become our core competency and we are stronger than before.