6S Standard for Safety

The 6S standard that Vulcan GMS has embraced makes safety a key point of the program. Since safety is so important to our organization, it is the first on our list of standards.

Here is the list of our 6S standards:

  1. Safety: Includes two daily safety meetings, near miss reviews, open mic reviews and monthly reporting.
  2. Sort (from the Japanese word Seiri): Aimed to eliminate the unneeded from the work area and perform the initial cleaning.
  3. Straightening (from the Japanese word Seiton): Arranges the workplace to ensure safety and efficiency.
  4. Systematic Cleaning (from the Japanese word Seiso): Systematic daily cleaning means inspection of work areas and equipment to understand conditions and determine if corrective action is needed.
  5. Standardize (from the Japanese word Seiketso): Aims to make abnormal conditions noticeable and to document agreements to ensure consistency and sustainability.
  6. Sustain (from the Japanese word Shitsuke): Aimed at maintaining the improvements from the other 5S activities and improving further.

Read more about our 6S standards on our blog.

Vulcan GMS Job Pack Color Standards

GREEN Existing part number without any changes since the last time we produced it
YELLOW New part number we’ve never produced before or we have not produced in more than one year
BLUE Existing part number that has been modified since the last time we produced it (new tool, revision change, change to BOM, etc)
RED Rework (internal rejection or customer rejection)
PURPLE Prototype orders
CLEAR Permanent job packs, special customer production programs
ORANGE Manufacturing engineering trial orders; used to test tooling, R & D, process evaluations, etc.


Visual Standards for Floor Markings

Main aisle – 8 feet wide4 inches

YELLOW Secondary aisle – 4 feet wide 2 inches
YELLOW Dividing lines between jobs / lines / parts 2 inches
GREEN Parts – WIP, FGs, Receiving Inspection, etc. 4 inches
GREEN Raw materials 2 inches
YELLOW Material handling / emergency equipment 2 inches
WHITE Trash 2 inches
RED Rejects / bad parts 2 inches
BLUE Small equipment / tools / fixtures 2 inches
BLACK & YELLOW STRIPE Safety / danger 2 inches
RED Fire extinguisher / hydrants