Our Company

Image of Vince Lombardi QuoteVulcan GMS was purchased by our current owner, Charles Yanke, in 1978. Since then, Vulcan has expanded into medical and explosive products. With our continued growth and expansion, we have focused on maintaining our quality to the highest of standards. In 1999, Vulcan became the first non-ferrous foundry to become ISO certified. In 2008, we were also among the first to be re-certified to the new ISO standards.

In 2004, Vulcan expanded from our two Milwaukee sites to add Vulcan China. While this site was originally focused on tungsten production, Vulcan China has become an extension of Vulcan GMS; handling many metals and processes from lead to aluminum. Vulcan China is also ISO certified.

Vulcan has always been open to new ideas and processes. Our growth has come from new programs, markets, equipment and the willingness to try new and different ideas.

Vulcan China

Vulcan handles several primary and secondary materials including tungsten, molybdenum, lead, aluminum and more through our China factory. Most factories in China only handle large production runs; more than 100 pieces per run. When we set up our factory, our focus was on low to medium runs. We can cost effectively run small lots such as 5, 10 and 20 pieces and deliver them in a timely manner. We have many products that we produce in 1 to 5 piece lots.

Vulcan carried over our commitment to quality with the same principles used in our U.S. facilities to the new China facility. All products are inspected at 100 percent, FAI’s provided, and material specifications supplied. When you work with our China site on products, you will be dealing with our U.S. based sales person at our Milwaukee site. You do not need to worry about time changes, language barriers or drawing translation because our U.S.-based sales person will handle 100 percent of your needs as well as the communication with our Chinese factory.

We understand there is at times an apprehension about sourcing to China, but let us assure you that this is not the experience you will have with Vulcan China. We source for major companies from this site in both the medical and security markets. We also offer the ability for small and medium companies to source products from China as well. Contact us so that we may assist you further with your specific needs.