Image of Environmental ComplianceEnvironmental Compliance

Many companies think they can simply handle lead, but it is a hazardous material and as a manufacturer of this material strict compliance is required. Vulcan GMS is monitored by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), DNR (Department of Natural Resources), OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and MWW (Milwaukee Water Works).

At Vulcan, full compliance is not a part time job. We have been in business for more than 35 years because we enforce strict internal standards that are greater than any governing body. Vulcan is a partner that you can count on to handle these hazardous materials.

What is involved as a manufacturer of lead? Vulcan conducts blood lead testing of all employees. Individuals in manufacturing get drawn every 2 months. Vulcan performs air lead testing every 4 months. There is specific air flow at all required work stations, dust control, chip containment, internal recycling, waste control, employee uniforms, gloves, training and strict tracking. This is not something to trust the local fabrication shop or machine shop to handle for these procedures.

29 CFR Compliance

Included in the above environmental aspects and controls we have in place, Vulcan GMS is fully compliant with CFR 29 1910.1025 . This is a processing standard for handling hazardous materials. Vulcan employs a single person that is completely dedicated to safety, environmental compliance and CFR 29 1910.1025 compliance.

Handling lead as a manufacturer comes with great responsibility. Ask your source for the exact steps in their process and whether or not they are 29 CFR compliant. If they cannot or do not answer, then you don’t want to be involved with that source. Many “local” fabrication or machine shops do not comply; so be sure to ask your source for confirmation.


As the customer, you have to be aware that the source you use is critical from a liability stand point. If your source does not comply with CFR 29 1910.1025 and have a very good process for handling, monitoring and testing in their lead manufacturing process, you can be liable. If your source runs into problems in their compliance or where they send materials after manufacturing, that problem does not stop at the supplier.

Choose wisely when you look for a source to manufacture your lead products. If your source does not have this level of control like Vulcan GMS does, you can be at risk.