The Leading Radiation Shielding Manufacturer in the World

If you require radiation shielding for medical, security, nuclear systems and other products, Vulcan GMS is the company that can help you from the first stages of new product development through the just-in-time delivery of finished components or assemblies. ISO 9001/2008 registered, Vulcan GMS is a provider of lead, tungsten, lead-alternative and high-density plastic components and assemblies for some of the largest equipment companies in the world.

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Vulcan China

Doing business in China is a top strategic priority for many companies and local content is a requirement for firms that want to sell their equipment in Chinese markets. Vulcan can help you meet the need for Chinese content in your products, all the while ensuring the highest levels of quality control, timely manufacturing and protection of intellectual property. Our Dongguan production, machining and assembly facility can support your strategy in dozens of critical ways.

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Vulcan GMS is happy to provide technical data to our customers. Sign up for our Technical Data Library to access documents such as tungsten alloy specifications, metal density, lead (pure and antimonial) MSDS and material specifications.

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You can be assured of quality at Vulcan GMS. It is a historical fact that Vulcan GMS was the first non-ferrous foundry to earn an ISO9001/2000 certificate. Also, Vulcan GMS completed the process for becoming an ISO9001/2008 registered company more than a year before the deadline.