From our humble beginnings as a small lead job shop back in 1978, to a complete solution for turn-key manufacturing, we’ve shown the strength of a leadership position for 45+ years. Whether you need a component part or a turn-key solution, we strive to consistently and efficiently provide you with the highest quality products from a clean, well-organized environment.  Vulcan has always focused on innovative solutions for our customers, offering multiple manufacturing capabilities to ensure we have the best options for your needs.

Gravity and Die Casting solutions up to 20,000 pounds, Vulcan offers both automated and hand lead(Pb) casting solutions that allow us to handle a multitude of sized components.

Continuous material in a variety of shapes and sizes, Vulcan has four extrusion presses extruding lead(Pb) and lead(Pb) based products to meet customer needs.

Custom quality machining operations to meet your needs, Vulcan’s machining centers allow us to hold tight tolerances and partner with you in creating your specific required products.

Lead Lining
Ability to apply lead(Pb) to any number of materials, the Lead Lining process allows us to increase the rigidity of the lead(Pb) without introducing the malleability of the material to your design.

Turnkey option to assist in reduction of the supply chain, a value-added opportunity to decrease your operations need to handle lead(Pb) based products.

Concept Development
For engineers with a goal to find cost-effective solutions, Vulcan offers the ability to partner with an organization and bring their designs to life.

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