Customers benefit from our concurrent design expertise by working with us at the very beginning of new product concept development. Our engineering team can help you select materials and processes that will help you keep developmental and manufacturing costs at budget over the life of your product. Vulcan GMS also will ensure you get your product to market as quickly as possible and stay competitive once you’re there.


In this day and age, we know you’re doing more with less – including in your engineering departments. This means your engineers may not have the time they need to perform research and full reviews of the market. They may just reuse what worked last time, because there simply isn’t time to explore other options before being pushed to the next project.

That’s where Vulcan GMS can help. We’re dedicated to helping customers by offering our ISO certified engineering services as an extension of your manufacturing process.  Our engineering department has experts in business specific sub-sections to offer you even more know-how when you need it most. After all, it’s not your job to know everything about metals, tolerances and options. That’s our job.

Contact us to discuss your project and design needs. We’ll match the appropriate experts on our end with the right people on your team to help with your design, redesign or cost-out design effort.


Prototyping is a key piece of the product development phase which is sometimes passed over in the process. Vulcan GMS can help you with design and engineering, but we also can convert your product into a prototype for test and review.

3D Printing

Vulcan maintains a 3D printer capable of producing prototypes in ABS plastic in several color options. This machine prints your part directly from a 3D model, using plastic fibers which are melted layer by layer to create a three dimensional printed piece.

Through the use of our 3D printer, we can make prototypes and can also print other tools such as:

  • Go-No-Go gauges
  • Alignment tools
  • Fixtures
  • Assembly tools
  • Molds

You do not have to be a current customer or have a specific product that Vulcan GMS would later produce. We contract our 3D printer time for anyone who has a need to make 3D printed products. Please contact us to discuss rates for your 3D printing needs.

Prototyping in Metal

After the 3D plastic prototype process, a real functional prototype is typically needed and we can help you with that as well.  Vulcan offers many processes to create your prototype including machiningcasting and many others. For some of our metal offerings, we are able to cast blocks using standard tools. We can then machine directly from that block. This gives us the flexibility to make what you need and respond quickly. Contact us to discuss your application.

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