Radiopharmaceutical Packaging

Vulcan GMS offers comprehensive assistance in designing and developing shipping pigs (also known as shipping pots or containers) and systems, serving as a build-to-specification supplier or a design partner. We emphasize our expertise in guiding customers through the entire process, leveraging our experience in crafting various pigs and shipping systems.

Optional Temperature Control 

Type A Packaging utilizing up to (4) ice packs for optional temperature control.

1/2 inch Lead Shielding 

Flexible solution for 1/2 inch shielded radio-isotopes similar to Lu-177.

Two-part Foam Design 

The flexible two-part packaging foam is designed for shipping up to four lead shielded pigs with an open tracker cutout.

Printable Outer Packaging 

Printable outer packaging with DOT & IATA shipping annotations to include space for customized or branding graphics.

Optimal Functionality and Safety

In the process of designing radioactive shipping packages, Vulcan GMS emphasizes several crucial elements to ensure optimal functionality and safety. Key considerations include the choice of radiation level, the specific isotope being shipped, maximum activity, weight and size constraints, temperature requirements, and handling limitations at both sending and receiving sites. Other factors include the type of vial or syringe, reusability of the shipping pig, return process for used systems, ergonomic and interface considerations, and the decision between purchasing the pig only or a fully certified shipping system.

DOT Yellow II TYPE A Packaging Solution

For the transport of radioactive pharmaceuticals, Vulcan GMS provides radiation-safe packaging solutions for shipping by road or air. We offer both standard and custom packaging options, ensuring compliance with international regulations, particularly the certification of Type A packaging specified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Our packaging solutions include disposable and non-disposable options for single or multiple containers, designed for safety, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

Customizable Lead Shielded Pigs and Shipping Kits

Additionally, Vulcan GMS specializes in the custom design and fabrication of lead shipping pigs with varying shielding grades. These pigs are specifically crafted for the transport of radiopharmaceuticals in vials and capsules. With extensive experience, Vulcan GMS is positioned to be a reliable partner in providing high-quality solutions for the safe transport and storage of radioactive materials.

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  • Custom Lead Pig Color

  • Custom Packaging

  • Absorbent Pads

  • Containment Bags

  • Vial Protection Shields

  • Ice Packs

  • GPS Tracking (Supplied by Customer)

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs for any current isotope shipping containers, any new shipping systems or shipping pigs.

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