While lead may be fairly easy to work with, it is a hazardous material and strict compliance is required.  As a responsible manufacturer of lead products, we embrace this oversight. Our processes are monitored by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), DNR (Department of Natural Resources), and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), as well as other organizations. At the same time, we enforce our own internal standards far greater than any governing body.

We conduct blood lead testing of all employees as well as air lead sampling. We maintain specific air flow at work stations and utilize dust control, chip containment, internal recycling, and waste control measures. We provide employee uniforms, gloves and training and perform strict tracking to ensure compliance.

29 CFR
Handling lead as a manufacturer comes with great responsibility. Included in the environmental controls we have in place is full compliance with CFR 29 1910.1025. This is a processing standard for handling hazardous materials. It’s important enough that we have one employee completely dedicated to safety, environmental compliance and CFR 29 1910.1025 compliance. Many local fabrication or machine shops simply don’t go this extra step, so be sure to minimize your risk by choosing Vulcan GMS.

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