Extrusion is a process to produce continuous material such as wire, tube, tape, channel, etc. An extrusion press applies hundreds of tons of pressure to the raw metal which is located in a chamber behind a die set. A hydraulic ram presses on the raw material and pushes it into the tooling (die).

The die generates the outside profile of the material extruded while a core (if needed) produces the ID of the material. If we are extruding wire or solid all that it is required is a die, if tubing is being produced a die and a core are required. Material can be placed on coils or in barrels if it is wire. Tubes are typically cut to a defined length and packaged in wood crates.

Dies can be made to fit your needs or you can choose from the thousands of tools we have to use on one of our 5 extrusion presses.

Vulcan GMS offers a variety of secondary operations to extrusion including automated cut off, punch press, stamping, forming, machining, chopping/cut off and more. We can use the extrusion process to produce finished products or component parts for your products or assemblies. Vulcan can extrude lead, tin and bismuth or alloys of these metals.

Based on your profile requirements, extrusion can hold tight tolerances. The tolerance is controlled by the die and how well the die is maintained. Please contact Vulcan to review your requirements and discuss solutions we can supply.

Materials Supplied

  • Lead, Tin, Bismuth, Pewter and related alloys
  • Many lead alloys and custom blends available. Typical alloys include pure lead, .5%, .75%, .85%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 6% (antimony content), as well as tin based applications.

Extrusion Equipment

  • 5 extrusion presses in total, size range of .060” diameter to 3.25” diameter.
  • 2 billet feed extrusion presses
  • 3 continuous extrusion presses (pull from molten metal, no billet)
  • 1 optical micrometer
  • 2 coilers
  • 3 automated cut off saws
  • 2 billet casting stations

Secondary Offerings

  • Billet casting (any size and length needed)
  • Stamping
  • Forming
  • Paint & powder coating
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