Spinning is a process used to make round parts such as bowls, formed cylinders, cups, etc. This process creates items using an inside mandrel which provides the product shape.

The material is placed on the mandrel and spun in an engine lathe. Through the use of spinning wheels and trim tools applied to the spinning tool or blank, a part is formed by applying force to the outside of the blank. This is conceptually similar to the hand forming clay on a potter’s wheel. This process lets us shape tooling and parts into any shape needed. Once a part is completely formed over the inner mandrel, it is separated from the tool and the process begins again.

After spinning, Vulcan GMS can offer many secondary services such as machining, fabricating, assembly, paint and powder coating, press forming and more.  We also can spin a variety of materials including lead, aluminum, steel, stainless, copper, brass, tin and more.  Please contact us to learn more about the process and discuss your application.

Image of Spinning parts

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