3D Printed Gauges and Fixtures Are Very Effective

Image of 250mc 3D printer

Vulcan GMS has blogged about our 3D printer, the Stratasys Fortus 250mc, in the past. This machine is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machine and builds up the parts in layers as small as 0.007 inches using an ABS material. Normally these types of machines are thought of as “prototype part producers,” but we have […]

Safety First: 1,300 Days Without a Lost Time Accident Does Not Happen By Accident!

Image of Safety

Vulcan GMS has surpassed the 1,300 day mark without a lost time accident and this has not happened by accident. Many companies will say they focus on safety or that they put safety first but yet they unfortunately still have lost time accidents. It is one thing to put a sign up that says safety […]

Medical isotope generators essential for nuclear medicine market

Image of technetium-99m generator

Medical isotope generators are used to produce many commonly used imaging isotopes in the nuclear medicine market. Gallium-68 and Technetium- 99 (Tc-99) generators are very radioactive and require shielding which is typically comprised of either lead or tungsten. These radioactive generators need to offer shielding that allow them to be properly shipped and used in […]

Vulcan GMS offers flat panel X-ray detector shielding solutions

Image of Flat Panel

Flat panel X-ray detectors are the latest and greatest adaption to X-ray imaging. These new flat panel X-ray detectors are to X-ray what the high megapixel digital camera is compared to X-ray film. They are completely revolutionizing. Today’s flat panel X-ray detectors are thin; taking up much less space while offering real time X-ray imaging […]

Vulcan GMS adds European Sales Office

Image of Europe

Vulcan GMS has been the premiere provider of custom OEM (original equipment manufacturer) shielding and collimation specializing in shielding materials for more than 35 years. We are proud to announce the addition of our new sales office located in Amelo, Netherlands. In this European sales office, we have outside and inside sales to better service […]

What is material creep and the mechanical properties of lead creep?

Image Of Material Creep

Material creep is defined as the continuing deformation of a metal under a steady load. Other factors affect the creep of materials including temperature and alloy under stress. Lead is such a soft metal that creep affects the metal more than other harder metals such as steel, aluminum or brass. Lead is soft enough that […]

Paint and Powder Coating on Lead Is Great Protection

Image of Housing 3

Paint and powder coatings on lead are very effective coatings to protect and encapsulate lead products. Many people do not realize that lead can be powder coated because of the baking process used to cure the powder but it can be applied and provides a very tough coating. Lead is very heavy and soft making […]

Vulcan Uses Clear Die Bases in Die Cut Process

Image of Die Cutting

One of the defining aspects of Vulcan GMS is our commitment to continuous improvement. As an ISO certified company this is a core value. We diligently endeavor to meet or exceed our valued customers’ requirements. However, most people think that this only relates to the physical quality of a part. In fact, Vulcan takes this […]

Vulcan expands its machining department again

Image of Machining Okuma MA-800H

Vulcan GMS continues to expand its offerings to meet our customers’ needs. We have added an entire department to better serve our customers and offer a higher level of assembly and value to our customer base. We have specialized in lead and tungsten for years by offering many manufacturing techniques including machining. Vulcan GMS has a full […]

Lead and tungsten make ideal counterweights

Image of Aerospace Counter Weights

Many types of equipment require balancing or counterweights to allow the system work properly. Counterweights can be simple steel plates or they can be designed with complex geometrics because of the compartments in which they need to be placed. When you are designing a product that will require counterweights, there are many factors to consider. […]