2015 Vulcan Golf Outing

Vulcan GMS held its annual golf outing this year at New Berlin Hill’s golf course and a good time was held by all. While no one will be quitting their day job to join the PGA tour, it was clear that the annual golf outing was a hit for Vulcan employees. Each year, the golf […]

Vulcan GMS wins Grainger Award in Manufacturing Excellence

Colin Powell once said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” If something looks easy, it is only because there were countless hours of preparation, hard work and learning from mistakes that you never saw coming. This quote is so true and it really […]

Vulcan GMS Turns Ideas into Reality

(Note: Vulcan GMS employee Kevin Hartshorn also contributed to this article.) Taking a good idea and turning it into a truly innovative product can require a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Vulcan Global Manufacturing Solutions has a Developmental Engineering Team with combined 60+ years of experience in new product designs, current product enhancements and […]

Vulcan GMS passes recertification of ISO 9001:2008 Standards

When Vulcan GMS first became ISO certified in 1999, we were the first of our kind in the United States to achieve that status. Vulcan is committed to leading the way in our products and services while securing our commitment to be our customers’ highest value supplier. ISO 9001:2008 is a quality systems and management […]

Vulcan’s lead weights featured in Milwaukee Commerce summer edition

Vulcan GMS is once again in the news for our continued support of the United States Olympic luge team. The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) publishes a quarterly newsletter called Milwaukee Commerce. In its summer edition for 2015, Vulcan’s lead weights which are inserted into each luge team member’s uniform were featured. The article […]

Vulcan’s ongoing support in the community helps local families

Vulcan GMS has a long history of supporting our community, our country and our environment. Last November, we donated more than 7,000 boxes of macaroni and cheese (more than twice needed) to the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee. We are committed to the environment and offer recycling and return programs for our customers. We even […]

3D Printed Gauges and Fixtures Are Very Effective

Vulcan GMS has blogged about our 3D printer, the Stratasys Fortus 250mc, in the past. This machine is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machine and builds up the parts in layers as small as 0.007 inches using an ABS material. Normally these types of machines are thought of as “prototype part producers,” but we have […]

Safety First: 1,300 Days Without a Lost Time Accident Does Not Happen By Accident!

Vulcan GMS has surpassed the 1,300 day mark without a lost time accident and this has not happened by accident. Many companies will say they focus on safety or that they put safety first but yet they unfortunately still have lost time accidents. It is one thing to put a sign up that says safety […]

Medical isotope generators essential for nuclear medicine market

Medical isotope generators are used to produce many commonly used imaging isotopes in the nuclear medicine market. Gallium-68 and Technetium- 99 (Tc-99) generators are very radioactive and require shielding which is typically comprised of either lead or tungsten. These radioactive generators need to offer shielding that allow them to be properly shipped and used in […]

Vulcan GMS offers flat panel X-ray detector shielding solutions

Flat panel X-ray detectors are the latest and greatest adaption to X-ray imaging. These new flat panel X-ray detectors are to X-ray what the high megapixel digital camera is compared to X-ray film. They are completely revolutionizing. Today’s flat panel X-ray detectors are thin; taking up much less space while offering real time X-ray imaging […]